4 Year ŠKODA Warranty

About ŠKODA Warranty

Quite simply, Škoda vehicles are made to be driven and we want to keep your journey a long and happy one. For added peace of mind, Škoda presents to its customers a-one-of-its-kind warranty service which spans up to 4 years / 100,000 Kms* new car warranty from the date of purchase of your vehicle. This comprehensive warranty service program allows Škoda customers to enjoy its after sales service two years more than that of other brands. That’s 4-years of peace of mind.

By purchasing a new Škoda vehicle, you will gain certainty that during the selected warranty period you will not be surprised by any unexpected expenses related to repairs of your vehicle, and you will be able to use every kilometre of your journeys without having to worry about anything.

It gives 100% manufacturer warranty and is applicable across all the models of Škoda, irrespective of their variants and engine versions. It is applicable exclusively to the brand new purchase of Škoda models only (Purchased after 1st September, 2016).

The Warranty Program covers repairing for many of the manufacturing defects related to the paint work (for three years) and bodywork corrosion (for up to six years). However, there is no entitlement to vehicle exchange or contract withdrawal.

What’s more, if you decide to sell your Škoda the warranty is completely transferrable to the new owners – and any subsequent owners – for the duration of the policy.

Repairs can only be carried out by a member of the Škoda authorised network, ensuring your Škoda has the best possible treatment using only Škoda genuine parts.

(*Promotional offer, Additional Warranty 3rd & 4th year)

4 Years ŠKODA Warranty – Key Features

4 year peace of mind

Quality assurance with genuine replaced parts

Risk cover against unexpected repair costs

Maintains the beauty of your Škoda vehicle

ŠKODA Warranty at a Glance

Type of Warranty Service Provider Period Mileage Remarks
Basic Warranty
Skoda Auto
2+2 Years
Unlimited Mileage (For 2 Years)

2nd & 3rd Year (Within 1 Lakh KM)
All Components(Except Wear & Tear Items)
Skoda Shield Plus
Bajaj Alliance/ Reliance
GIC/United India
2 Years (5th & 6th Year)
1.5 Lakh KM (whichever is earlier)
5th & 6th Year EW+RSA Coverage + 1 Year Comprehensive Insurance
Parts Warranty
Skoda Auto
2 Years
All Components (Except Wear & Tear Items)
Paint Warranty
Skoda Auto
3 Years
Bubbles, Cracking, Discoloration, Fading & Peeling
Corrosion Warranty
Skoda Auto
6 Years
Wear and Tear Items
Skoda Auto
6 Months
10,000 KM
Brake Discs and Pads, Wiper Blades, Bulbs, Spark Plugs, Lubricants
Goodwill Warranty
Skoda Auto
Case to Case Basis (Customer Profile, Nature of Failure, Frequency of Failure etc)
Battery Warranty
Skoda Auto
2 Years (1st Sep 2018*)
Refer Service Circular SC/19/20 dated 24/07/2020
Warranty is dynamic. Refer latest Communication*
Accessories Warranty
From the Part Manufacturer
As per the Manufacturer
As per the Manufacturer


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